A religion project I abandoned (Jesus pamphlet)

Reassurance of some things, from the Bible and Jesus Christ

It says in the Bible that God is capable of everything. It says that God loves us all. I say, wouldn’t God want everything to be happy in the end in his humtiverse? And as Rob Bell, author of Love Wins, says, “The good news is better than that.” And “God gets what God wants.”

God talks about how God gets what God wants:

1 Peter 1:25

Jesus talks about us being Christlike; how in a way we, Christ and God are one and the same:

Matthew 10:19-20 (what Jesus said when instructing his disciples on how to preach God’s word)

Matthew 11:27

Mark 2:29-31

Mark 9:39-41

Mark 13:11

Luke 6:40

Jesus says we’re saved immediately if we believe when we die (note: when he talks about damnation, he doesn’t mean forever):

Matthew 4:17

Matthew 7:7-8

Matthew 8:24-26

Matthew 9:10-13

Mattthew 9:28-30

Mark 9:23

Mark 10:15

Mark 10:18

Mark 11:22-24

Mark 12:29-31

Mark 16:15-16

Luke 18:17

John 5:24-25

John 6:35

John 6:46-48

John 8:51

John 11:25-26

John 11:40

Jesus talks about how his and God’s works are one and the same:

John 3:2

John 3:16-18

John 5:19

John 5:23

John 6:23

John 6:29

John 6:44

John 6:51

John 6:53-58

John 6:65

John 7:16

John 7:28-29

John 8:42

John 10:9

John 10:10

John 10:15

John 10:27-30… especially 30.

John 12:26

John 12:44-45

John 12:49

John 14:6

John 14:9-11


Jesus talks about how we’re all saved at the very end:

John 5:22

John 5:26-27

John 12:30

John 12:47

Poem I wrote about FEMA taking us away

My door crashes in as I’m washing my dishes.
At least I know what my last wish is.
They’re in my house now with their guns.
And they’re not the only ones.
The sound of screams comes from outside.
Bang! It sounds like someone just died.
Yelling, screaming, howling, screeching.
It sounds like what Alex Jones was preaching
would happen, is happening now.
Another trigger pulled. POP! POW!
My hands are in the soapy water, holding a knife.
At any rate they’ll take my life.
Might as well do it my own way…
not go with them, fight to stay.
Your family’s screaming. So are you.
Their dogs are barking loudly too.
“Look at that pathetic little screama!”
shouts a man in a vest that has the word FEMA
on it. Even he is armed.
At any rate we’ll all be harmed.
Do it fast and do it now.
I just hope I still know how.
I have no gun but I have this.
I accidentally cut myself. In pain I hiss.
The water’s turning red, and fast.
This moment isn’t gonna last.
I do it now. Right in his eye.
His throat would be too hard to try.
He stumbles as the blood pours out.
They shoot at me as I run about.
I get in front of my youngest child,
our family’s peaceful home defiled.
My eldest reaches for his gun.
He’s smiling and he’s having fun.
He says “Sir, I do not think so!”
He shoots a soldier, saying “No!”
They shoot him first and then them all.
My husband is the next to fall
but not before he shoots and kills.
I guess they worked, those greenish pills.
The Prozac. Yes, it worked a lot.
When they forced him to take them, that wasn’t so hot.
But violence, be that as it may
helped him defend us all today.
We say no to the institution
and uphold the Constitution.
Now I’m running out the door,
slipping and sliding on the bloody floor.
Our neighbors are lined up outside
waiting for their last train ride.
The world explodes in a huge white light.
It doesn’t hurt. It feels right.

How to educate someone on autism activism and neurodiversity

1. Shoe them Amanda Baggs’s “Amanda’s favorite quotes”.

2. Show them the lists in here related to autism.

3. Introduce them to psychological and “psychiatric” advance directives.

4. Show them the 7 stages/steps of genocide, and explain how it’s already happening at every stage with autistics.

5. Encourage them to write journals/blogs/books about or make videos about their discrimination experiences, and encourage them to share it all with the public.

6. Show them the movie Freedom Writers!

7. Show them articles that ACCURATELY portray autism and autistics… articles that admit that our population has good and bad just like the others, and that not a single trait of autism is shared by ALL autistics.

8. Create a collection/registry of websites, art, music and writings that are about neurodiversity… yes, with that as the actual theme.

9. For those who are into computer programming, have them create a neurodiversity-inspired game with a storyline that is all about neurodiversity (example: John goes to school where he is picked on for being both different and autistic, and he uses his vast knowledge [caused by his autism] both of autism and of everything, to make the bullies cower in shame). Make it full of great graphics, suspense, action, humor, drama, and different kinds of skills needed.

10. Create shirts, mugs, journals, pencils, calendars, etc. with neurodiversity themes. Lots of different designs with lots of different sayings. Give away free ones to the worst people.

11. Put ND-themed bumper-stickers on your car, special ND-themed stickers in your window, posters on your walls, etc.

12. Work neurodiversity into the conversation.

13. Have fun parties for neurodiversity that people will want to go to or not regardless of their opinion on neurodiversity. Then try to educate them.

And if you can think of more, please do it!

Questionnaire on neurodiversity and the treatment you got in your life

This might make you think. If any of this happened to you, it’s bad and wrong and you deserve better.

Have you ever…

1) been seen as guilty of something you are not, due to people not understanding your autistic traits?

2) been experimented on without your consent?

3) been “treated” without your consent?

4) had anyone in your treatment or education team try to cure or treat the autism itself rather than comorbids?

5) been discriminated against due to your autism label?

6) been seen as mentally ill due to autism/

7) been scolded or punished for exhibiting autistic traits, because they are autistic?

8) been mistakenly seen as retarded or low-functioning, whether due to the label or not?

9) been locked up anywhere due to your autism label?

10) been restrained unnecessarily, due to your autism label?

11) been put in a seclusion room unnecessarily, due to your autism label?

12) had aversives used on you due to your autism label?

13) developed a mental illness (including depression and/or anxiety) due to the way people treated you because you were autistic?

14) needed mental health treatment like psychotherapy or medication for the above reason?

15) been told you can’t have a certain job due to your diagnosis?

16) been told you can’t do a certain thing because you are autistic?

17) been labeled a hopeless case due to your diagnosis?

18) been mourned for as if you were dead, all due to your diagnosis?

19) been put in a guardianship, conservatorhip, curatorship, etc. just because of your label?

20) been labeled with certain autism characteristics you do not actually have, just because you are autistic?

21) witnessed autism blamed for someone’s death?

22) felt like you had a defective or damaged brain or like you were defective or damaged and that typical people are not defective and/or don’t have defective brains?

23) been told #22 by someone else?

24) had that said about YOU at all?

25) been treated like an animal, machine or object?

26) been called sick due to your autism?

27) been told you have less rights because you are autistic?

28) had any rights of yours taken away by people calling them privileges?

29) had someone speak for you without your consent?

30) had people (especially your treatment team) see the people who have to deal with you as more important than you?

31) been given a “treatment” that harmed you?

32) been given a “treatment” that harmed more than helped you?